Cover Your Assets


From Grandpa Beck’s Games:

The goal of Cover Your Assets® is quite simple. The first player to reach $1,000,000 wins. This usually happens in three to five rounds. If time is short, you can also just play one hand for some quick fun.

Each player builds their own stack of assets by placing matching sets of cards crisscross (perpendicular), one on top of another (see illustration). This is how the tabletop will look in a four-player game:

While making your own sets of assets is ok, it’s way more fun to snatch them from your neighbors. Identical asset cards and wild cards will help you do just that. We’ll get into the particulars of how to seize other players’ cards later on.

You may be feeling pretty smug thinking about swiping everyone else’s valuable asset cards, but remember—they can try to steal from you too!

2-8 players

Age 7 and up

Fun game for kids, teens, and adults

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