About Dr G's BrainWorks


Dr. G’s BrainWorks has been a local, family owned business in Champaign-Urbana since 2013, offering a extensive range of games, puzzles, brainteasers, STEAM activities, science kits, and more! Everything is focused on the power of the human brain. We sell LEARNING and FUN for ALL AGES!

In the past 10 years, we have earned a reputation for our knowledgeable staff, personalized shopping experience, excellent customer service, and our HUGE SELECTION AND VARIETY OF PRODUCTS!

Everything in our store is “Dr. G Approved” and must meet our high standards!


Our store is divided into categories:
• Attention, Memory and Sensory Motor
• Critical Thinking and Reasoning
• Early Childhood Development
• Family and Party Games
• Fine and Gross Motor Skills
• Problem Solving (STEM)
• Edgy Party Games

Make Learning at Home Easier

We are here to help you with learning-at-home! Turn to Dr. G’s BrainWorks for ways to engage your family in hands-on activities that blend fun with educational value. Complement and enhance your student’s core curriculum through interactive learning fun. Everything in our store is focused on nurturing the power of the human brain, and when could that be more important than right now, in our at-home learning environments?

Award-winning, high-quality, trusted, educational brands include:

•  Scientific Explorer
•  Learning Resources
•  SmartGame
•  Green Science
•  Melissa & Doug
•  Creativity for Kids
•  SmartMax

•  National Geographic Kids
•  Kidz Lab
•  Mindware
•  Thames & Kozmos
•  Thinkfun Spark Lab Smithsonian
•  Highlights

From games like Catan to Pictopia, we have it all! Our trained Brain Guides can provide you with personal recommendations — whether you want to work on memory, critical thinking, or dexterity — or even just plain fun. Each Brain Guide is trained on several sections of the store, so they can tell you about the game, help you learn how to play the game, and give you knowledgeable recommendations. Dr. G’s BrainWorks is committed to helping you find the gift that best fits the interests and ages of your family and friends.


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The Power of Play for Young Brains

Research shows the important benefits of play. Individuals learn cognitive skills, social skills, language development; communication, cooperation & teamwork; concentration, planning, and problem solving. That's why our store categories are organized by skill development.  We have a large Early Childhood Development Section in our store at Market Place Mall!  Come and see us, or call [...]

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Dr. G’s will share some of our favorite gift ideas here! We want to help you and make shopping FUN again! Take the guesswork out of gift giving all year-round! Our trained team of Brain Guides has already played all of these games and we recommend them for your family and friends.  We are happy [...]

Escape Room & Mystery Party Fun for Home!

Come Visit Our Store!

Dr. G’s Brainworks is proud to serve the Champaign-Urbana community. Visit our store in Market Place Mall in Champaign, located next to DICK’S House of Sport and Old Navy, to browse our expansive selection, explore our games on display, and let our knowledgeable staff help make your shopping experience easy, fun, and informed.