Dr. G’s Gift Guide

Dr. G’s will share some of our favorite gift ideas here! We want to help you and make shopping FUN again! Take the guesswork out of gift giving all year-round! Our trained team of Brain Guides has already played all of these games and we recommend them for your family and friends.  We are happy to assist you over the phone as well, give us a call at 217-355-0093 to discuss your shopping needs.

Our selection of IQ games from Smart Games promises hours of fun, and they are perfect for travel or on the couch! Portable, compact, all-in-one cases. Just $12.99 each!

IQ Stars


IQ Puzzle Pro

IQ Twist

IQ Arrows

IQ Link

Codenames Disney

A GREAT family game!

EASY to learn! EASY to play!

FUN word & picture game for ALL AGES!

Features everyone’s favorite Disney characters!

Harry Potter Clue

A favorite classic game with the Harry Potter theme and characters you love!

Multi-Level Snakes and Ladders

The same classic game you remember playing, now with multiple levels and 5 times the FUN!

Dr. Eureka

We featured this game on WCIA’s “ciLiving” program and it sold out in two days! Back in stock in time for holiday shopping! This game is a huge family hit, easy and quick to play, and fun for everyone.

Jack and The Beanstalk

This is such a wonderful, fun, and engaging 3D preschool puzzle game! From Smart Games, one of the most trusted brands for learning through play.

Abandon all Artichokes

Unique, fun card game.

Adorable artwork and tin!

Great card game to learn strategy and planning.

From Gamewright, founded in 1994 by four parents. “Games for the infinitely imaginative!”


A unique and fun game of movement and set collection.

2-5 players, recommended for age 14 and up.

Engaging and challenging game with beautiful artwork!





Award-winning party and family games!

Great for classrooms too!

Recommended age 7 and up

3D STEM Puzzles
by Smart Games

80 different challenges!

Solutions included.

FUN brainteasers for age 10 to adults!

ZigZag Puzzler

Cube Puzzler Go

Cube Puzzler Pro

Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit

Relive all the classic moments from all seven seasons with 600 questions!

2 or more players

Age 12 and up

Blank Slate

Clever game where you predict what others are thinking!

A favorite for game night!

Parent’s Choice and Family Choice Award Winner!

New Timeline Classic

New Timeline Events

New Timeline Inventions

Each set only $10.99.

Fast and intuitive!

Players take turns placing cards bearing historical events in the order they think they occurred. Fun when right or wrong!

2-8 players, age 8 and up

Pentago – Red

One of our best selling games!

Sure to be one of your favorites!

Two player strategy game.

Marble Circuit

A great gift for adults and kids age 8 and up!

An addictive marble maze with 64 puzzle challenges!

Logic and strategy game

Another great brainteaser from MindWare