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The Family Fantasy Bundle is a wonderful trio of games that take your family on a fantastic journey through lands of make-believe!

Defeat tough monsters and find amazing treasures in Dragonwood, or take a cooperative journey through the skies in Sky Magic all with your family or friends! Break out Similo Fables for an intriguing game of mystery and deduction, guessing which classic Fable character is the correct secret card!

Our bundles are carefully selected to provide thematic, educational fun for the whole family! Each of these games will help to strengthen the foundations of knowledge built through learning, fun, teamwork, and competition!

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Games included in this bundle:

  • Dragonwood (7 to adult), 2-4 players
    • A family fantasy card game with loads of replayability. Create sets of adventurer cards and send them out on a quest to defeat monsters and beasts — all leading up to the giant dragon. The player with the most points wins! Points are gained by defeating monsters by rolling dice equal to the number of cards played.
  • Sky Magic (6 to adult), 1-4 players
    • A family cooperative game where the 6 magical and colorful sky guardians must reach their homes before you run out of magic spell cards or a powerful storm sweeps them away! Roll dice and cast spells to change the folding board before time runs out. You can always count on your friends in this game!
  • Similo Fables (7 to adult), 2-8 players
    • “Similo” is a cooperative deduction game about characters from all time periods. In Similo Fables, one player randomly chooses 12 characters from classic fables and gets one as a secret answer for the guessers. One at a time, the clue-giver reveals more characters that are either similar or not similar to the secret answer, but the guessers must eliminate more and more options each turn until only one character remains, or they fail! Who is most similar to The Little Mermaid? Is it Red Riding Hood, or perhaps Peter Pan?

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  1. Angie Dimit

    Favorites for the family with fun, enchanting, magical themes!

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