Map It! – World Ed



  • KNOW YOUR WORLD: Players take turns placing randomly drawn location cards in the correct position around a given starting point. Is Bangkok north or south of Cancun? What about Mount Everest? Is it to the east or to the west of St. Petersburg?
  • CHALLENGE YOUR OPPONENTS: If you think your opponent has misplaced a location card, you may challenge them. If you are right, win one of their points tokens. If not… lose a point. If you do not know where to place a location card, try bluffing!
  • LEARN AS YOU PLAY: Containing 200 location cards, Map It World is a good way to train your geography skills. Some locations are easy to place while others will give you a greater challenge.
  • FOR ALL AGES: The game will appeal to young minds and seasoned globetrotters alike. Lose yourself in the fun of this great game of directions.
  • For 2-6 players ages 10 and up. Playing time: 20 minutes


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